Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!


Sunday Mr. Mustard and I had our Valentine's Day date. Sushi for dinner, then a long walk around downtown, and then dessert afterwards at a cute little local spot. The girls had a babysitter, and had the best time. Paprika asked all today if her new friend could come over to play. I didn't have the heart to tell her that her friend only comes over when she's being paid! Ha!

For the actual Valentine's Day (Monday), we took the girls to the beach.


This was pretty much our view of the girls the whole time. People kept stopping us and saying things like, "Wow, that baby of yours really has a mind of her own." Or, "She knows where she wants to go, doesn't she?" Yup, pretty much.


Thankfully, sometimes she rests.


While Mr. Mustard took Ginger home for her nap, I got to have a little date with Paprika at the restaurant of her choosing (since it was Valentine's Day, afterall). Where did she want to go? None other than the Golden Arches. So we went there (one day isn't the end of the world)...and she was really lovin' it. ;-)



Amee said...

sounds like two great days!

Erin said...

Fun V-day Erika! We spend a lot of time at the Golden Arches too. :)