Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bounce, Bounce!


We've been taking full advantage of our bounce house. So far it's still holding up. Mr. Mustard even took a turn in it this weekend and got thoroughly attacked by the girls. What can I say, between him in the bounce house and me in the stroller, we're voiding warranties left and right.


Paprika told me that Ginger is her best friend. They are so cute together and I am so glad that Ginger can really play with Paprika now.


Mr. Mustard took both the girls to soccer this weekend because I was up all night with Ginger (who woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep). Anyhoo- he told me that Ginger is quite the little soccer player. I totally believe him. She is the most active, fearless child ever.

Apparently she was kicking the ball, dribbling with with her feet, just in the middle of the whole practice...and the other parents were like, "How old is this child?!" So she may end up giving that two and a half year old boy in Paprika's class a run for his money. Ha!


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Sheila said...

adorable photos. the last one is my favorite. what is cuter than ruffled bloomers? i think ginger's face says it all. love the way her hair collects in the middle ... draws an arrow to her megawatt smile.
the only thing that could possibly top a bouncy castle is a bouncy castle with a drawbridge to slide down and climb up on.Oh wait, and a tower to climb up and jump down from.