Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Found Nemo!


We went back to the Aquarium of the Pacific yesterday. We found Nemo this time.

Many times over.


Paprika has been talking about going back to the aquarium since we went for the first time on Monday, so yesterday we decided to go back. We called first to ask how crowded it was, and they said the place was practically empty. We got there and had the whole place to ourselves. It was amazing!


We got to see so much more this time, and really spend time looking at the exhibits. I lovvvved the sea dragons. Aren't they just the coolest?


I could have watched them for hours.


Paprika loved the touch tanks. She touched sting rays, sharks, sea stars, and a bunch of other little critters.


I tried to get Ginger to touch the sea creatures...but she was not having it. She was much more interested in watching them from a safe little distance.


The Lorikeet Exhibit was the highlight of the day. The Lorikeets were climbing all over us.


I think Paprika could have moved right in to the exhibit. She wanted to take all the birds home with her!


She makes friends easily, and birds are no exception!


She had some nice little conversations with the birdies. Deep thoughts. It kind of reminded me of her soul connection with The Chicken. Remember? Some things never change! ;-)


So, there you have it. We had a full day. Preschool in the morning, and then the Aquarium all day. When we were leaving, Paprika was already making plans for us to come back again and again. I have a feeling we might become regulars!



ryansmom said...

Congrats on finding Nemo. Fantastic pictures. I couldn't help but notice the carrier. Did you decide on which one works best for you and Ginger?

Elizabeth said...

Oh your girls are just too precious for words, Erika!! I love reading all about what they're doing. :) You look so beautiful!

FourJedis said...

Your pictures are beautiful, as is your family. We love aquariums and enjoy seeing pictures of other aquariums (especially with your girls in them... so cute!).

Sat Bachan Kaur said...

These pictures look like they could have been in National Geographic. They are that good! The pic of Paprika with the bird is priceless!