Monday, July 19, 2010

Paprika's Sunflowers


About three months ago, Paprika bugged me to buy her some sunflower seeds. So, I did. I put them on the kitchen table, and next thing I knew, they were gone. I wasn't sure where they had gone, actually. But pretty soon I figured it out.

Remember when I took out the dead tree in our backyard? Well, I filled in the hole with potting soil, and I guess she thought that looked like a pretty perfect place to plant the seeds. Good worked!


These are Paprika's sunflowers. Imagined by her. Planted by her. Nevermind that she planted them all (about two dozen of 'em) in the same 12 inch by 12 inch patch of land. They are growing and thriving, and if you go down the slide too fast, you just might hit one!

Every time I see them, I smile at them. How can you not smile at a sunflower? Hello, summer!



Sheila said...

There is no limit to the creative design and influence of Princess Paprika. I think the urthmama apple didn't fall far from the tree. :) I love her good morning sunshine attitude.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Beautiful flowers. :-) I think I will plant some in my yard next year. I DO NOT have a green thumb so wish me luck!

McCryssy said...

Those are gorgeous. The sweet girl has a green thumb :)

I planted potatoes and watermelon in our backyard as a kid... but I neglected to tell my parents. Needless to say, Dad was a little less than thrilled to find a watermelon patch growing.