Wednesday, July 14, 2010



This post probably should be called "Constant Vigilance" because sometimes I feel like that is the motto of my life at the moment. Or as Mr. Mustard says, "It's like herding cats."

Don't worry, I grabbed Ginger just as the photo was being second she's driving the car, the next she's standing up and dancing. She definitely keeps me on my toes. :-)


Today we spent 99% in the great outdoors, aka our backyard. I set up the baby pool, because you know...a hot day is about 110% better with a dip in your very own pool. Ginger was soooooo excited to hold the hose and help fill up the pool:


Then I set up a tent for the girls to use for shade. I have had this tent for ummmm...about 20 years. It's the same tent that my dad and I used to take camping. I have been hanging onto it for some reason or another, moving it from place to place. Now I know why I've held on to it for so long. The girls LOVED it with a capital L. It was their own personal fort.


And they promptly locked me out. Just kidding!


Of course we had to play on the playset and swing!





Devon said...

so fun! bet you aren't missing that 100 degree weather!

that pic of paprika with the sunglasses -- so adorable!

noswimmers said...

Can I come over and play? Looks like fun!! :)

Erin said...

Hi Erika! So fun hearing from you on my blog today. :) What a beautiful family you have! Your girls are adorable and you are an amazing photographer.

I have to tell you that I read the recent post you wrote about celebrating what would have been your twins 2 year b-day and I am in tears. I'm am SO SORRY for your loss and for what you and your husband have gone through over the last two years. I can't even imagine. I know those two beautiful angels are smiling on you from heaven and I know in my heart you will be with them again someday.