Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th Of July!


We had a great 4th of July! How 'bout you?


We stayed home and got the baby pools out, had some good food, and just enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.


In the morning, the girls painted outside (Ginger got so messy)- and Paprika did a lot of paintings.


We were going to go to the fireworks down at the beach, but by the time it was evening, we had already been playing outside for about 9 hours and we were all sooooooo exhausted! So we decided that we'd just wait and take the girls to Disneyland at the end of the summer...they do fireworks there every night!


Ginger even treated us soooo well yesterday by taking a 2 hour nap AND sleeping for 11 hours last night. Woah! That was really wonderful- so much better than her napping for 20 minutes and then sleeping 6 hours/night, which is what we're used to!

It was a great day of fun, family, and food...which I think is how Independence Day should be!



ryansmom said...

Happy 4th to you. It looks like your family had a fun day playing in the sun.

noswimmers said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. LOVE the matching suits! :)