Friday, July 30, 2010

A Rollercoaster


What a rollercoaster the past few days have been! Yesterday, Paprika's school had a big end of term party, and we all went. I really like so many of the other parents, and hope that we find some good friends over here.

After the party, we went back to the Aquarium, as I was hoping that Ginger would fall asleep in the car for a nap like she did the day before. Of course, someone (Paprika) wanted to sing songs the whole car ride, so Ginger didn't fall asleep. But it was okay. Any day at the Aquarium is a good day!

Today we've been busy, busy, busy. I had a friend come down to visit and we had a girl's day at the beach while Mr. Mustard entertained one of Paprika's friends and her dad here at the house (I have been calling it a man-date instead of a playdate- ha!) Paprika had a wonderful time...she was in tears at the end of the day because she didn't want the playdate to end.

When I got home from my girl's afternoon with my friend, Ginger was happily chasing Paprika and her friend around the backyard. Ginger saw me and ran to me like she hadn't seen me in years. I picked her up and she let out a big sigh and fell asleep in my arms. I took her in her bedroom, laid her down in the bed...and she's currently taking a nap. I shouldn't even mention it because I don't want to jinx it...but wow, that was unexpected. I really should go out with my friends more often if it will get her to nap!

Ginger has been really into dolls lately, and half the time, I think she likes to stay up late so she can play with all of Paprika's dolls without Paprika knowing about it! I don't think Paprika was really into dolls at this age, but Ginger sure is. She puts them in the little stroller, feeds them, tries to dress them, gives them kisses, rocks is a-dorable!

We have a big weekend planned - lots of here and there and friends we haven't seen in a long while. I feel like we're just getting into the groove of summer, and it's already August. How 'bout you? :-)


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a busy couple of days. Did you catch that you called Paprika by her real name in the third paragraph?

Erika said...

jessica- good eye. thank you! i just changed it... :-)