Friday, July 2, 2010

A Grain of Sand


My Lumix point and shoot camera has been experiencing a slow demise. Today it was finally lights out for my poor little camera. Ginger was playing in the sand at the beach and threw a whole shovelful of sand right into the camera as I was taking her photo. Thankfully I still have my old Canon Powershot Digital Elph tucked away somewhere - I probably should have been bringing that camera to the beach all along. Oh well.

It was a gorgeous day at the beach today- sunny, blue skies, big waves...we even went to the aquarium and to the touch tanks to pet the sea stars and sea cucumbers. We sat on the pier and watched the surfers ride the sparkling waves...there were a lot of surfers today! Of course there are no photos because...well, by that time the camera was kaput!

I am hoping this 4th of July weekend is a great one! I'm going to try to see fireworks somewhere with not too much of a crowd. In LA, that is a trick! But we'll see if we can. Otherwise, we're just cooking out, hanging out, and relaxing. As it should be! :-)


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Looks like a great day at the beach! Happy 4th!