Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Good News Is...


A funny thing happened on Tuesday night. Not funny ha-ha, but more like funny "this is our life so of course this is how it's going to go down."

Back up. Remember how our house in Pasadena was on the market? Well, after falling out of escrow three times and realizing that if we sold it at market value we'd lose our downpayment, and being at our wit's end with the whole mess, we decided to rent it out (for a lot less than our mortgage, but that is a whole other story and the state of the California housing market at the moment...please can you go ahead and recover already, economy?!) ;-)

On Tuesday night, we got applications for tenants who could move in July 1st. As in, about 36 hours from that very moment.

Remember how our house was still filled with all of our furniture because we were staging it to sell? Not only all of our heavy furniture, but our dishes, little knicknacks, artwork, some clothes (a closet full of cute size 2 clothes that are not fitting me at the moment- ha!)... Yea, all of that had to be moved within hours if we wanted to make this work.

So, on Tuesday night Mr. Mustard called movers...they said they could come on Wednesday which would mean our tenants could move in today (Thursday)! Perfect!

The movers were supposed to show up yesterday at 1pm. By 5:30pm, they still had not shown up...and Mr. Mustard was due to go into work last night at 5pm...which he did, after the movers eventually showed up and moved our stuff into the wee hours of morning. So, basically Mr. Mustard moved, then worked all night, and then went back up to Pasadena after working all night to tie up all the loose ends. He's my hero...seriously.


On top of the move, I had to go and work preschool this morning! Yup, even after being up all night with the move and taking care of the girls (Ginger still refuses to go to bed before midnight), when it's your day to work in the classroom, it's YOUR day to work (well, except for the mom who sent her nanny today, but that's a whole other story!) ;-)

I figured it would be okay- a little coffee from my new espresso maker, and my snug Uggs...and the hours would pass quickly. Well, when I got there, I drew the short straw for project tables, and ended up teaching Ketchup and Mustard fingerpainting (it was a 4th of July themed day, so I guess that goes with 4th of July) the howling wind...on a 63 degree morning. Oh, and since my "station" at preschool sounded like the most fun to the energetic tots, guess whose table they all ran to? Mine. I was outside with 20 kids while the other mommies were inside with their lattes doing yarn projects. I was singing to myself, "Calgon, take me away!"

But the good news is that everything that happens has a beginning and an end. Even mustard and ketchup fingerpaint. Even moving a whole house of furniture with a day's notice. Good or bad, everything comes to an end. And as of today, we have renters in our old home, our house is off the market, and I don't have to teach mustard and ketchup fingerpainting least until Ginger goes to preschool!

Big sigh of relief! Now we can get ready to enjoy the 4th of July...Happy B-Day, US of A!



Muliebrity said...

You seem to take everything in stride!

Muliebrity said...

You seem to take everything in stride!

noswimmers said...

Yikes...that does NOT sound fun! So glad you made it through.

...ketchup and mustard finger painting? Really? ;-)

Devon said...

phew, i'm tired just reading that!

and seriously ketchup and mustard. seriously? :)

Erika said...

thanks, girls! i guess the ketchup and mustard was supposed to be a 4th of july thing...and i guess it could have been cool IF it had been warmer outside and i'd been wearing different shoes (i SO did not want to get my Uggs dirty-haha!)

Sheila said...

Sooo... how's the espresso maker working? Did it do the trick, or could you have really used a Coke to start the day? Both you and Mr.Mustard win the Energizer Endurance Award! Happy Birthday indeed, we are so blessed to live in the U.S.A. Congratulations on your condo. I hope that your tenants will be all you could hope for.

Southern Gal said...

Wow. You've been busy. The ketchup and mustard? I don't know how you did that. Good for you. Especially if you didn't get your Uggs dirty.

FourJedis said...

I hope you and the family gets some serious R & R this holiday weekend! Wow, I, too, am sleepy reading about all of that!

ryansmom said...

Don't you just love those kind of days?! I bet the kids loved the painting. You probably did a much better job than the other latte sipping moms would have done. I always love when parents come to my class to help out because that means I don't have to get my hands dirty. Now if I could only be that parent volunteer someday.

Congrats on getting your house rented. Sorry it had to be such an ordeal.