Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting In The Picture!


Last night I ordered a few prints of photos, and realized that we have almost zero pictures of the four of us together. Lots with three of us, and of course a gazillion of Paprika and Ginger...but out of the thousands of photos we have, there are about three photos of the four of us.

So today I decided to change that. From now on, I will be asking people to take pictures of us. Wherever we go. I have no shame. I have found that my "big camera" is a little bit too much to ask the random person to I am just bringing my little camera.

I figure that if we ask someone every time we go out, before long we'll have quite a little collection of family photos. Today was the start, and wasn't so hard!

Today was my day to work at preschool. I learned my lesson with the last time I worked (ketchup and mustard finger painting). I was the first one to call dibs on project tables this morning and got playdoh. Score! Someone else had to make blueberry pancakes...from scratch...with fifteen three and four year olds. I was the one drinking my latte this time. It was sweet! ;-)


After preschool, the four of us headed to the beach. We always go by the "90210 house" (where Kelly and Donna lived in college...please say you remember?). Today I took a picture:


It's on the market for $10.5 million dollars at the moment (gee, I wonder why no one is buying it?). Here is the real estate listing in case anyone's interested in snapping it up! Haha!


We went to the little Aquarium, and visited all the creatures in the touch tanks. Paprika wanted to take a few home with us, of course (but of course we didn't)!


We capped off the day at the ice cream parlour, where the ice cream is made fresh daily and is always so good.

Hmmmm...which flavor should I have?:


Oh yes, of course. Chocolate. With Rainbow Sprinkles.

Not a highchair in the whole place. Ginger had to make do with this chair. I think it suits her! ;-)



NicaBC said...

Thanks for the 90210 Memory...ahhm, if only I had 10 million laying around! :)

Anonymous said...

AHH I remember that house!! That was my most favorite show ever and I still catch the reruns lol. I'm so jealous that your so close to it! The new cast of 90210 isn't that great but I still watch it sometimes.

Beautiful family photos!

m&msmommy said...

I came across your blog recently, and I had to laugh at this post...our family is the same exact way! I think we have 3 pictures total of my husband, son, daughter and I together. Grant it, my daughter is only 6 months old, but still, I'm a picture FANATIC, and I think it's crazy that pics of the 4 of us are so few and far between. I think I need to take your approach and just start asking people! :)

Your girls are beautiful!

McCryssy said...

Great day!!

I totally remember the 90210 house! Why did I get excited like some teeny bopper? lol

We're considering a co-op preschool for the kiddos and I keep thinking about you getting stuck with ketchup and mustard painting. I'll have to be on top of those sorts of things... I'm not good with mess.

Devon said...

ok, now i'm definently coming down...i always DREAMED of living in that beach apartment...with all the pals from 90210, of course. SO FUN!!

and i love the pic of the 4 of you!

ryansmom said...

Your family always has so much fun. I love it.

Good job on the calling your spot at preschool. Although it might have been fun to see you making blueberry pancakes from scratch. Can't wait to hear what job you get next.

And yes I too remember the 90210 house.