Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Yard Sale!

We did it! We had our big Yard Sale yesterday- it was actually pretty fun and we made a good bit of cash. It started off a bit rough, though!

The week before the big sale, we posted ads on and the Pennysaver to advertise it. Then, the night before, Mr. Mustard drove around with signs I made and posted them on the major streets near our apartment complex. I set the alarm for a 6:30 wake-up time, since our sale was advertised to start at 7:30am, and we went off to sleep.

Well, the alarm clock didn't go off. I haven't set an alarm clock since the Bar Exam last July, so maybe that had something to do with it. Anyway, I woke up at 7:20 in a panic, pushed Mr. Mustard out of the bed and out the door to walk Hauser and started frantically trying to get ready. Paprika was still asleep, so I couldn't leave the apartment, so I was basically running around trying to organize everything, wash my face, etc.

At 7:25 I got a loud knock on the door, looked out the peephole, and there was an army of people standing outside our door. Turns out, we had posted a sign down by the mailbox telling people in our building that we were having a yard sale, and on it we had put our unit number. So, I had to deal with a bunch of angry early birds who wanted to know if they could come inside our apartment to start looking through our stuff!

Luckily, Mr. Mustard came home and dealt with it, because just at that second, Paprika woke up and wanted to be fed, changed, etc. It was a nightmare. The army of people left empty handed, and we then started setting up, but of course, the rush was over by then. No worries, though. More people eventually came and bought.

Mr. Mustard thought I was crazy for putting out certain items like a half-eaten box of fruit roll-ups, partially used bottles of baby soap, cans of cat-food, a broken cheese-grater, a rusty can-opener, and packages of Crystal Light- but, guess what, people bought them! So now I regret all the stuff that I didn't put out and threw away instead. Some people will buy anything, I guess! Groddy-to-the-max!

After that, we did a big donation drop at Goodwill. It feels so good to be free of all that stuff! Paprika was big help. In the morning, it was pretty chilly, so we put on her warm pumpkin hat that she got as a Christmas present from the Kohls family. She looked so cute! Then the sun came out, so we put on her sun hat. She had fun interacting with everyone, and afterwards was ready to sleep, sleep, sleep!

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