Monday, March 19, 2007


Paprika is SO mobile, she gets into everything. She can also pull herself up onto the coffee table, knock over books, wedge herself under the couch, and move from one side of the living room to the other in a matter of seconds. Since we are in the middle of packing up to move, this is really quite challenging for us. On top of that, she gets bored easily. She's not entertained long by anything anymore, so unless she can have complete freedom to roam about the apartment and explore at her whim, she gets very vocal about her boredom.

Yesterday we did our final walk-through with our tenants, and they will be returning the keys to the townhouse to us tonight. We have a cleaning crew scheduled for tomorrow to deep clean the place, and then we're free to move in. We hired movers to move all the big stuff next Thursday (March 29th), and until then we'll be moving small stuff over as we have the time.

She was pretty fussy yesterday- which I attribute to her teething and starting to get her top two teeth! The teething makes her irritable, but she can't stay asleep, so she ends up letting out a kind of long droney-whine for hours on end. At least that was how it went yesterday the whole car ride home from Pasadena back to our apartment.

She's also learning all about possession. If she sees something she wants and we don't give it to her, she gets really mad. Last night Mr. Mustard was having a beer with dinner, and she wanted to hold it so badly. He let her touch it and she got really mad when he tried to take it away from her. So, I know that now is the time when we have to start teaching her that she can't have everything she wants. But, it seems like the more dangerous the object is, the more she wants to play with it. She is fascinated by scissors, forks, knives, and anything made of glass!

Anyway, we thought the beer bottle thing was pretty funny so we took some pictures. Obviously we didn't let her have any of it! But watching her hold it was a moment of humor in a long day, full of running around frantically, packing, and trying to entertain a teething, daredevil baby. I hope we get through this move with our sanity intact!

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