Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Good Day

We did a little bit of a lot of things today. This morning, Paprika and I walked to the park and had some fun swinging in the baby swing (she did the swinging, I did the pushing). Then we walked home and she napped while I cleaned and packed. Then, we went to Free Play at our Mommy & Me center. Basically, they open up the place for fun, unstructured play. I asked them to set up a bouncy swing for Paprika, since it's her favorite thing there. She happily bounced away the hour. They also gave her a red balloon for her to take home- balloons are her new favorite thing to play with. Then, we went to the grocery store and got a bunch of goodies, including avocados for 40 cents each (a very good deal)! Next we took Hauser for a long walk, and did some laundry together. A simple day, but a good one.

I can't believe we're moving in 11 days! I am starting to get nostalgic for this apartment, even if it is horribly small and full of problems. I will miss the closeness that we have here, and of course, it will always be special to me since it's where we brought Paprika home from the hospital. I hope that we can keep that close and together feeling when we move into our big, roomy townhouse. Living here has been frustrating at times, but ultimately has taught me how to thrive on less and enjoy what I have more. The best times of my life have been spent in this apartment. I have never been happier than I am right now and I know that when we move to Pasadena it's going to get even better.

So, I'm starting to say goodbye to the apartment and all of the wonderful memories that we have here. Paprika has spent her first 7 months of life here- so, it's special to me and I'm never going to forget it. Well, I definitely won't forget it, since I have about three thousand pictures of her inside this apartment to help me remember! :-)

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