Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick Update

Just a quick update- we still don't have internet at our new townhouse, so I can't check email or do much of anything online yet. We ended up doing most of the move over the weekend, even though we hadn't planned on moving until the movers came on Thursday. Since we moved so much, Mr. Mustard cancelled the movers for Thursday and we'll just finish up moving the last few items ourselves on Saturday. I've been making day trips back to the old apartment to pack up the last of our items so that on Saturday all we have to do is load the truck, clean up, and turn in our keys.

It feels so good to be in our new place. It will be fantastic once we get all of our furniture set up and get the boxes unpacked. Right now everything is in our garage- our two car garage fits all of our stuff and one car!

Paprika is adjusting well to the new space. She loves being able to roll all around the carpet. She has even started to crawl- I think she feels liberated having a vast expanse of carpet under her legs. It's nice being here now because it's 100% babyproofed (since all of our stuff is in the garage).

Here are a few recent pics of Paprika in the rocking chair at our new townhouse, showing off her teeth:

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