Thursday, March 29, 2007

Getting Settled

We're getting settled in Pasadena- it's SO wonderful being up here. The air is cleaner, the neighborhood is better, our townhouse is wonderful, and we have so much more space. We are all really enjoying our new place- we're even sleeping better. It's so nice. I feel like I can finally exhale fully and being at home feels like being on vacation! I think we took this place for granted before, and now that we're back in Pasadena, I really appreciate it. It's fantastic.

We went out to dinner at a Thai Restaurant in town called Chandra to celebrate our move. Plus, we haven't moved our pots and pans yet, so we've been eating out a lot this week! Paprika sat in the high chair at the restaurant for the very first time ever. After sitting in it for a few minutes, she fell asleep! It was her bedtime, after all. Too cute! Luckily we had brought her old car seat, and laid her down in that. She slept for the rest of dinner, and Mr. Mustard and I enjoyed a wonderful meal together.

Here's a pic of Paprika falling asleep in her high chair:

Meg and Hauser are also enjoying the space and comfort of our new home:

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