Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sleeping In The Car

Here is a picture of Paprika sleeping in her carseat. She loves it- it is so comfy for her! And, of course, I love the cow pattern! :-)

We got an email yesterday from our tenants saying that they will be handing the keys over to us on March 19th! I am so excited! Originally they were going to move out at the end of the month, and we were going to have to scramble to get the place cleaned and move out of our apartment by the end of the month. Now we have almost two weeks to move in! This takes a lot of pressure off us, since we can move in slowly, bringing most of the small items and breakables over ourselves and saving only the really big, bulky items for the moving company.

We need to do a walk-through with the tenants, and figure out what things we need to fix prior to moving in. The biggest issue is the carpeting- if we want to replace that or install hardwood floors, we will want to do that before we move in. I guess we'll have to see what condition the carpet is in. Mr. Mustard is leaning towards installing hardwood or bamboo flooring, since we have Hauser and Meg, and they shed like crazy. With Paprika crawling and playing down on the floor a lot, it would be nice to have a fresh start in that department. I guess we'll wait and see what everything looks like when we do our walk-through in less than two weeks! I am SO excited!

I am going to the doctor today- Mr. Mustard is going to take a lunch break and pick Paprika and I up to go to the appointment. I am so glad he's coming with me- I really can't imagine bringing Paprika to the appointment by myself.

Oh, and her teeth broke through the surface yesterday. She slept so well last night, and has been napping a great deal to make up for all of the sleep she lost while teething. I know that this isn't the last we've seen of teething pain (by a longshot), but it's nice to have our sweet, happy baby back! :-)

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