Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Ready

I'm ready to go, ready to move already! This week has seemed like the longest ever, just waiting to get out of this place. I am ready to be free! These are the views from our two main windows- ummm, don't mean to be depressing, but hello!- I can't believe that's what I've been looking at for two years now! I can't wait to relax on our patio in Pasadena, drink some tea in the morning, play with Paprika outside, and roam around in the spaciousness of our palatial place (almost three times as big as this apartment). The hours are going by SO slowly. I'm going to do a great big happy dance when I'm free from this place. We're taking all the little stuff over on Saturday morning along with Paprika's bed and an air mattress for us. So, tomorrow night will probably be the last night we spend here. So happy!

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