Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lots of Updates!

Mr. Mustard went to Vegas with his highschool friends last Friday and had a great time hanging with the guys. They went to a gun range and shot M-16s and other automatic rifles, ate at a good steakhouse, and played poker. Mr. Mustard had a great time- lots of good guy bonding! Hopefully his friend Tom will send us some pictures soon so I can post a few- Mr. Mustard forgot his camera, but did bring the new video camera- so I got to see footage of them at the gun range. It was pretty scary and weirdly amazing all at the same time.

I, on the other hand, had a nice quiet weekend at home with Hauser and Meg. Thursday before Mr. Mustard left on his trip we went out to see The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and then snuck into Cars- mostly because I didn't want to go home quite yet and it was starting right then. Both movies were very cute. The baby definitely preferred Cars- she was kicking uncontrollably during the movie. We had popcorn and enjoyed what will probably be one of our last movie date nights together before she is born. So, it was fun!

Saturday night I had a bit of a scare- I was home alone, and stayed up late as usual. I took Hauser outside at 2 am for his last outing of the night and was careful to stay close the building and make it quick. There was this guy on the corner, which kind of weirded me out, but we were only out there for a second. I came back inside and about half an hour later decided to go to sleep. I turned off the light in the bedroom, and just about 30 seconds after I did, all the electricity in the whole apartment went out. The clocks, everything... It was really dark and I was thinking how weird it was that just as I turned out my bedroom light everything else shut off. So, I called Mr. Mustard, opened the front door and looked out into to the main hallway of the apartment- and all of the lights were off out there, too. No flashlight around, so I just stumbled back to bed. Luckily, Hauser jumped up in the bed with me to keep me company. I was starting to let my imagination run wild (thinking about the guy on the corner), which made me start breathing harder-- and then I started having really big, painful contractions! Which is not a good sign. I've had a lot of contractions all along, and going into labor early has been a concern..., so I was really worrying that "this is it"- and here I am, no clock to time the contractions, in the dark, by myself, with Mr. Mustard 5 hours away. So, I did some deep breathing and after about an hour and a half, they went away and I fell asleep. The lights all suddenly came on at 6am- so I don't know what the quirk was. Just a quirk, I guess- but it was still sort of scary at the time!

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