Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Mom!

Here is a picture of my mom when she was about 8 months pregnant with me! I think we look a lot alike- well, except that she's younger than me in this picture and has a better tan! Being stuck inside behind a computer and law books hasn't been too great for my tan this summer!

I got the hotel squared away for the Bar Exam. It's a three day test, and I have to arrive the day before to check in and get my credentials. So, I'm staying at the hotel for 4 nights total. I'm looking at it as a mini-vacation, since it will be so nice to stay in a hotel. It doesn't have a pool, but it does have a jacuzzi tub in each room, which will be very relaxing! I'm pretty excited about this mini-vacation- even if I do have to take the Bar while I'm staying there!

Studying is going okay- it's very stressful and I'm not doing too great at it. If I fail in July, there's always the February Exam. I keep telling myself that if I don't pass the first time, then it's just more practice for the next round. I am getting a little too stressed about it, though. Parts of my hair have turned white- well, only a few strands, but I noticed it and Mr. Mustard did, too! They turned white from the top all the way to the bottom overnight! It's pretty freaky.

My mom sent me a cool tree in the mail for my graduation- it's a money tree and it's supposed to bring good luck, wealth, and happiness! It's really neat- and the only plant in our whole apartment! I hope I can keep it alive- I've never been the best with plants, but I'm going to do my best!

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