Friday, June 9, 2006

Follow-Up From Doctor

Yea! I got a call this morning from the doctor's office telling me that my bloodwork came back okay and that I don't have to be monitored for gestational diabetes. I am so relieved! The numbers were still at the high end of the "normal" range, so the doctor said I need to eliminate sugar from my diet to the greatest degree possible in order to stay healthy. The numbers were definitely on the high side, so I will follow doctor's orders. It's a bummer because, of course, who doesn't want to eat dessert when they're pregnant?

In other news, my good friend Sarah (who lives in Colorado now) emailed me to say that she took a home pregnancy test yesterday and it came back positive! I'm SO happy for her and her husband, Tim! They are planning on coming out to California in August- and I hope they still plan on coming, even with the pregnancy! She is due Valentine's Day 2007, so she will still be fairly early in her pregnancy in August. I can't wait to see her and watch her progress these next nine months!

Mr. Mustard is finished with the documentary and has had yesterday and today off, before he starts his new job on Monday. Yesterday he took Hauser to the dog park- I am so grateful that he did that. In my advanced state of pregnancy and with my study schedule, I haven't been giving Hauser the exercise he needs- just little walks here and there. At the dog park, he can run around and really get out all of his energy. Mr. Mustard took him to another park this morning and threw the tennis ball with him. So, Hauser should be good and tired when they get back.

Last night I felt a HUGE kick on my right side, which I think was the baby changing positions. It was definitely a big thump and sort of hurt, actually! But, I'm glad I felt it because everytime I do feel movement, it's very reassuring. My next doctor's appointment is on June 23rd, when I'll be 32 weeks. I think they're going to do an ultrasound, which is great because I can see what she's doing in there!

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