Thursday, June 1, 2006

More About Cameron!

Ann sent me a bunch of pictures yesterday of Cameron- he is so PERFECT! He has the most impressive head of hair!

It's interesting to think that this baby growing inside me might have hair, too. I don't know why that's so shocking to me, but it just seems so incredible.

I'm still stuck studying. I'm meeting with Jessica later today to review Property Multi-State questions. It's been about a month since she's seen me, so I bet she's going to be surprised at how much bigger I've gotten!

Mr. Mustard went and saw the new X-Men movie last night with his friend Dave- I stayed home and studied a bit. I was bummed about not going, but Mr. Mustard wasn't too thrilled about the movie, so I didn't feel so bad. Mr. Mustard is a huge fan of the first two movies- so I think he came in with high expectations for X3.

I'm getting so excited for these last two months of pregnancy. Seeing Cameron makes everything seem so much more real! Well, I actually still have 2 and half months left-- and I'm just going to try to enjoy them. Yes, my feet are swollen, my ankles are huge, and everything is uncomfortable- but this is such a special time of life. I really don't want to waste it thinking about the future. Seeing these pictures makes me excited for the birth of our little girl!

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