Tuesday, June 6, 2006

A Call From the Doctor

I just got off the phone with the doctor. My blood test levels came back elevated for Gestational Diabetes, so I have to go in tomorrow for another test. It's a 3 hour test where they draw blood every hour to test how well I am processing glucose. At first I thought the doctor was just being overly cautious, so I asked him what my levels were and then checked them against the other women on my pregnancy board. The "cut-off" maxiumum allowable according to my doctor is 140- which was confirmed by everyone on my board. My levels were 153- which were much higher than most of the other people who had to re-take the test (they were getting 139-145 scores).

So, it's probably just a fluke, but I will go take the test anyway. Gestational Diabetes if undiagnosed and treated can cause a lot of pregnancy complications- including underdeveloped babies, so I need to get it checked out. I'm going to bring my IPod to listen to Bar Lectures, some earplugs, and my study materials so that I can get stuff done while I'm there.

I hope I pass this second glucose test! If I don't then I have to be monitored by my doctor (doc appt. at least once a week), given Non-Stress Tests (NSTs) on a regular basis, take daily readings of my blood sugar, follow a special diet, etc. That would not be fun given my current state of frenzied studying. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

In other news, Mr. Mustard found out yesterday that he got the job he wanted! It starts on Monday and goes through mid-August. He's turning down another show to do it, so I hope he likes it. Also, the Race called yesterday to book him for next season, but he had already accepted the job on the narrative show, so he had to turn them down. Moving from reality to narrative is a big leap- so I'm really happy for him. It's a good career move- and if it doesn't work out, then there's always back to what he's been doing. I'm extremely proud of him!

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