Sunday, June 4, 2006

29 Weeks, 1 Day

Had a good weekend-- but it didn't exactly feel like a weekend. I mostly studied. Yesterday I made the mistake of looking up the California Bar Pass Rates- between 30-45%, if I remember correctly. That's not great odds- but whatever- I'll proceed in the face of it.

Yesterday, Mr. Mustard worked on the doc and went to the set of a show he might be working on. I stayed cool in the apartment- it was sooo hot outside- almost 90 degrees, but it felt hotter.

I woke up feeling horrible this morning- as if to suggest that morning sickness has returned. Mr. Mustard made me a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and I could only keep it down for about half an hour. It was awful.

So, later we went out to Wendy's for lunch- which I was really craving. It was good- lately all I've wanted to eat is protein, protein, protein. This baby is really growing, I think!

Then we drove around and looked at a few Open Houses for houses for sale. Not that we're going to buy anything- but it was something to do. We saw a duplex that we both really liked, but it was pricey ($700,000!!!!).

We're getting tired of where we live- there are some positive things about it (basically the low rent and the location), but 500 square feet is not too much space for two adults, a baby, a 75 pound dog, and a cat! The smallness of the apartment is not such a big deal to me- it's more the fact that there is no opportunity to go outside because there is absolutely no yard- and our building manager has all of his junky fixer-up cars in the parking lot.

It would be nice to be able to go outside and get some fresh air from time to time, especially living in a place with a climate as nice as Los Angeles. I commented to Mr. Mustard this morning that I was tempted to go over to one of our neighbor's houses and sit on their front porch since they're not using it- just get my books, get some lemonade, and make myself comfortable. People are very reluctant to be mean to a pregnant lady- so I could get away with it for the next few months anyway!

Mr. Mustard's show he was going to do on ABC was cancelled- so now he's trying to get something else comparable. He's up for one show that looks really interesting (a narrative), and I really hope he gets it. He wants it really badly. If that doesn't work out, he has talked about the possibility of doing a different show that's on ABC, which would run until next year. Either way, his work on RPS (the Rock Paper Scissors documentary) is coming to an end because they have to send a cut to the Toronto Film Festival soon. I hope it turns out the way he wants it to- he's worked so hard on it for the past few months...I can't wait to see a final cut.

My dad called today, which was really really nice. It was weird because I was just thinking of calling him and then he called me. He's looking forward to his trip to help Hurricane Katrina victims, which he leaves for in two weeks! He's been doing a lot of planning for it, so I hope it turns out well.

My mom emailed me to say that she's definitely coming out in August! I'm very excited!!! I have lots of fun things planned for us to do while she's here- it will be great to see her and spend my last few days of life before baby with my mom- we can do all the last minute shopping and stuff like that. I'll be finished with the Bar by then, so it's perfect timing. I'm really excited about it.

I realized today that I haven't taken any pregnancy pictures in awhile- so I did these myself with a timer- (Mr. Mustard is off working on the doc). They're not the best pictures, but they'll do to show how big I'm getting. I've been thinking of getting professional pregnancy pictures done (they're apparently all the rage), but don't really know where to go and don't have the time right now to research a photographer, etc., since studying is taking up all of my time outside of sleeping, eating, showering, and occasionally walking Hauser. So, maybe at some point in the future I can have Mr. Mustard take some really good pictures somewhere other than our bedroom or our apartment.

Oh- I'm also including pictures of the breakfast nook, which will probably be the baby's room until we can manage to move. I obviously haven't started decorating it yet. My brother Robbie suggested a "kitchen theme" for the decor, which I thought was appropriate. I'm not sure what I will do yet- probably a pink theme- Mr. Mustard wants something science-based, I think. We'll see. In any event, the dog and cat food will have to be moved elsewhere, as will our dining table. But, I'm not going to worry about all of that yet.

So, back to studying for me. Well, actually, I have to feed Hauser and then take him for a walk- then back to studying...

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