Sunday, June 18, 2006

First Father's Day

I know it's not technically Mr. Mustard's first Father's Day, but we celebrated it as if it were- since she's technically a person now in many ways (fully formed and just "cooking" a little longer in there). I got Mr. Mustard a very cute father/daughter T-Shirt combo for Father's Day. I think he liked it - it's a computer gamer T-shirt for him and a matching one for the the baby. I ordered it about two weeks ago and didn't know if it would arrive in time, but it arrived on Friday, just in time! I also got him a cool Father-to-Be card! :-)

In other news, I'm stuck in the nightmare of Bar Exam studying right now- no matter how much I study, it never quite seems to be enough. I tackled Civil Procedure yesterday and today- even though on my study calendar, it's only budgeted for tomorrow. That is definitely not enough time to master one my most difficult subjects-- for me, the substantive law is much easier to get than the procedural. The procedural courses (Civ Pro, Crim Pro, and Evidence) are all incredibly boring and at the same time very difficult. Oh well.

I'm starting to get panicked about not being prepared for the exam- it's an unending mountain of material to memorize and then apply over 24 hours of testing (8 hrs/day- 3 day exam). So far, I've worked on Evidence, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Torts, Remedies, Property, and Criminal Procedure. I have yet to start on Community Property, Corporations, Wills, Professional Responsibility, and Trusts. I'm sure this doesn't matter to really anyone but me, but it's just a lot of work- and very, very, very stressful. Arghh.

I usually have about one nervous breakdown/ crying session a day- and then I get better. It's just hard to lock yourself in a room and study all day, every day- never going outside or doing anything fun. I've been feeling sort of sorry for myself- but I usually get over it pretty quickly when I remember that this is only temporary and once I pass the Bar, I'll be a lawyer for life. So, 5 more weeks of intensive studying is worth it for a career that will open many doors in the future- legal or not. But, even saying that, it's been difficult. I've never put myself through anything this difficult or intense in my life, I've definitely never studied this much- and I'm barely keeping up with the recommended study schedule.

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