Wednesday, June 21, 2006

31 Weeks, 4 Days!

Nothing too big to report. Last night Mr. Mustard and I had a quick "date"- well, more like a quick run to In and Out Burger. I was craving meat again- so it had to be done!

I took this picture of myself just a minute ago- it's not the best, but it shows how huge I'm getting. The countdown is really on to the big day!

Movement continues to be a big thing- Mr. Mustard was amazed last night at how much she was bopping around.

I've been doing a little organizing of all of her stuff. Folding clothes in her dresser, putting up her stuffed animals, etc. There is still a lot to do, of course- and I'm really looking forward to doing most of it after the Bar is finished. It's very strange to think about how small she is going to be-- but so big at the same time! My online tracker says that she is about 19 inches long, and about 4 pounds by now! It seems crazy that something 19 inches long is inside me! No wonder I can't breathe!

My friend Lindsey emailed me yesterday to ask what a narrative show is- I forgot to say in my email back to her exactly what it is- and then it occured to me that everyone else is probably wondering what the heck a narrative show is anyway! It basically is a scripted show (as opposed to a reality show). So, that would include shows like sit-coms, one hour dramas, etc. I guess the better term really would be scripted instead of narrative. Mr. Mustard is really liking the show- at least the process of learning how to edit a scripted show because it is a much different thing than editing reality.

My neighbor told me yesterday that there have been two muggings outside of our building lately! One happened on Tuesday night at about 2 a.m. This, of course, freaked me out because it seems like we live in a nice neighborhood- and I'm always out walking Hauser in the evenings. I will have to be extra careful when I walk him late at night (when Mr. Mustard is working late or out of town). I also worry about Mr. Mustard walking him late at night because both incidents were cases where men were the ones being mugged! Mr. Mustard seems to think that Hauser will be a deterrent for anyone mugging us- since he is a big, black looking dog- and people might be scared of that. But, if you know Hauser, then you know that he couldn't hurt a thing- and I don't know how scary chocolate labs are to people who know dogs! Anyway, that was disconcerting.

Speaking of Hauser, we have to figure out what we're going to do with him when I give birth! Having a dog can complicate things- especially because he needs to be walked four times a day and fed twice. Meg is much more low-maintenance. We're thinking of sending him to doggy camp- but of course, that would mean that we would have to KNOW when I'm going into labor in advance- which probably won't happen. There is the option of asking a neighbor- which we may have to look into...because I don't want Mr. Mustard missing the birth because he had to go home to feed or walk the dog!

Here is a pic I took of Hauser just now. He is a lot of work- but he is SO worth it!!!!

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