Friday, June 23, 2006

Today's Appointment- 31 weeks, 6 days

Just got back from the doctor's office. My appointment was at 9 a.m., and I got there at 8:45- since parking was thankfully not a problem. The trouble was that the doctor didn't show up until almost 10! I didn't ask why- but in my head I told myself he was probably out delivering another baby. That way I wouldn't be too grumpy when I saw him. Anyway, I was getting very frustrated and uncomfortable after waiting in a crowded waiting room for over an hour- but they made it worth my while. They did an ultrasound, which was GREAT because I got to see our little girl on the big screen. Ultrasounds are so very cool.

I brought a video tape and they gave me pictures- which I will have to post later when Mr. Mustard gets a chance to scan them. She is SO cute! She has Mr. Mustard's nose, I think...which is just adorable. As far as the vitals go, she is measuring in the 90th percentile for size! She weighs over 5 pounds and is the size of a 35 week baby! I know ultrasounds can be off by a lot for size and weight, but it means that she's probably a pretty good sized baby and will get even bigger. I'm happy about it because if something were to happen and I would go into labor early, she would be fine. Ann (who is a twin) was smaller than that when she was born! So, having a big baby is a good thing in my opinion. :-)

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