Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reading, Reading All Day Long!


One of the best parts about our relaxed summer schedule has been all the reading the girls do.  I find them reading everywhere together - even when one goes to the bathroom, the others follow with a book!

I am so glad Paprika has a love of reading - and that Ginger and Violet both seem to share that love.  All day long Ginger and Violet bring me and Paprika books to read aloud to them. 


I don't think it's anything I've done as a parent to make them love reading.  I realized a long time ago that children come with their own interests and passions.  I didn't make Paprika a selective eater and Violet an adventurous one.  I didn't make Paprika a swimmer and Ginger a fan of dry land...

So, I have no idea why these girls all love reading so much - but I am crossing my fingers that it sticks.  Reading opens up an entire world of imagination and wonder. I'm so grateful that they get to experience that joy even/especially at their young ages.


Anyhoo- these are just some photos of the girls at bedtime reading to one another.  Paprika and Ginger usually take turns. 


Ginger (newly 4) can read beginning books - but the books she enjoys reading are all a bit more advanced (Level 2 or higher).  So, of course, she has memorized those books and fakes the reading pretty well. ;-)  Occasionally, she'll ask us this or that word - or she'll paraphrase.   We encourage's just about having fun!


I test Paprika's reading from time to time using various tests I've found online.  She ranges from 5th grade to 9th grade reading level, depending on the test (and how tired/hungry/interested she is - ha!)

Even so, books at this point are more about the illustrations for Paprika.  She loves the "Elephant and Piggy" books by Mo Willems.  She once checked every single one out of the library...and she never gets tired of them!

She really loves anything by Mo Willems - there's one called Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs that she thinks is fantastic. 



Well, that's all I wanted to say about that.  Now, I'm off to read some books.  I'm a Kindle reader, myself...and I have so many books to read and never ever enough time!  Ha!  ;-)


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Not Just A Blonde said...

I vote genetics & they get their love of reading from YOU! ;)