Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh What A Week! Part One!


Sometimes - okay, many times - I feel like all I do is the same thing every single day...clean up, feed people, change diapers, bathe people, get people to sleep, and did I mention clean up?  Hahahaha.

But, then I look back at the week - and I am reminded of all the living we did in between those moments of survival.  It encourages me that what I am doing has meaning...and that hopefully we are making some great memories together.


These snapshots make me happy and encourage me to keep focusing on the big picture.  I hope they encourage you, too!

Paprika barefoot in the park!  I remember not too long ago when she wouldn't even let grass touch her feet. Little victory!  ;-)


Mr. M got a phone call to work on a big budget studio feature film on Saturday.  He couldn't say no - so he left early on Saturday and I was hoping he would be home in time for our date night (I had already reserved Miss Christina to babysit).

He texted me at 7:30 (about half an hour before Miss Christina was set to arrive) saying he wouldn't be home until 1am or later.  By then, it was too late to cancel Christina (plus the girls were so excited to see her).  It was also too late for me to make plans with anyone else.  So, I went to the beach by myself!


There was hardly anyone there - it was so peaceful and serene!

My date stood me up last minute due to work...but I already had the date night with myself. Peace and quiet!

I loved walking and looking at all the beachfront houses and listening to the waves crash on the shore.


Then, I went to Chipotle and it was a real lonely hearts club there!  Man!  I got my food and found a sweet little spot in the corner and read books on the Kindle app on my phone.  I also brought earplugs so I wouldn't have to listen to anyone else's chatter.  It was bliss!

The next day (Sunday), we went in search of Jessie from Toy Story.  Violet loves the Woody and Jessie dolls, and she searched low and high for this little dollie (who I'm so glad I didn't donate to Goodwill!)

So, anyway- this was a big moment! Ha!

We found Jessie!

Girls dancing in the living room - daily scene in our house:


Trip to the Seahorse Park (as Ginger calls it).  Always a good time!


Mr. M had to work on Sunday and he took Paprika to work with him.  She was so excited to go - but she didn't realize that she'd be there until 3am!  So - yea, she was a little tired when she got home.  And I actually do mean - just a little tired!  She still asked if she could read a few books before she fell asleep.  Ha!


Monday night piano lesson with Paprika's new teacher.

Piano time!

Paprika fooling around after the lesson:


Quick pic of Daisy - who is the best and smartest dog ever!  Seriously.  I let her sit next to me on the couch - Mr. M says NO dogs on the couch! - but I am trying to win Daisy over because no matter what I do, she likes Mr. M just a little bit more than me.  I think it's some alpha-male thing...but anyway, I will win her over to my couch privilege at a time.  ;-)

Dog days of summer...

Tuesday - girls at the park (again!)  They all dressed themselves!  Love that!


And that gets me through Tuesday!  Haha.  I'm going to break this up into two posts because it's getting SO LONG with pictures.  More to come, soon!  :-)

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