Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh What A Week! Part Two!

***This is Part Two.  Read Part One Here! *****

Wednesday trip to the park.  Sister love!


Violet loves putting in hair bows and posing.  Seriously - posing!  She cracks me up - where in the world does she get this?  I did not teach her...promise!


Ginger dancing while Paprika plays piano:


Nothing cooler than mom's sunglasses!


Thursday we stayed home all day long.  I kept trying to get out of the house, but every time I tried to leave, I was thwarted!  It was a comedy of errors.

Anyhoo - the girls had a great time playing in the backyard and didn't seem to mind staying home one bit!


Best friends and sisters - these two always make me smile!


My favorite moment of the whole week is this moment right here!  The girls were playing in the backyard with their shoes on - and Ginger was wearing these pseudo-Crocs (not really Crocs, but I got them because they are cute - but I didn't realize they'd make her feet bleed!)

So, Ginger came in the house crying because her feet were bleeding (they really were - it looked so painful).  And before I could do anything (I was taking care of Violet at the moment!)- Paprika swooped in and did her magic.

She got an icepack out of the freezer, a wet paper towel, a washcloth, some neosporin from the high medicine cabinet (she stood on a chair and climbed to the top of the dryer), and also some bandaids.  Before I could turn around, I walked into this scene.  Miss Florence Nightingale herself!  ;-)


After a few moments, everything was all better!


As if nothing had happened!


Don't you just love that about childhood?


Then, today (Friday) - we went to the Wilderness Park.


I know it doesn't look like anyone else was there because I artfully framed everyone out of the picture who was not related to me.  But let me tell you, it was a ZOO.  We arrived seconds after a daycamp of probably 150 kids (and three counselors - ha!) showed up.    There was also some kind of family reunion of 50 or so people - who literally followed us through the park.  I kept trying to go the opposite way, and yet YET - they were always magically there!  And then, there were the regular summer park-goers, too.  I was like:  I'm ready for y'all to go back to school now because 'come Fall when I'm homeschooling, this park is MINE! ;-)

Anyhoo- Paprika picked up this yellow leaf and actually said:  This yellow leaf represents peace and tranquility. Be still, says the leaf.

She started meditating right there - and was so Zen about the whole thing.


We pressed on and saw all sorts of things.  But at one point, we came upon a hive of bees and they literally started swarming my head!  I had Violet on my back in the Ergo and started running and swatting my head and in general looking like a mad-worman.  They would not leave!  We got down to the pond, and finally I got them off of me, but then there were like ninety people just hanging out down at the pond and I couldn't find Ginger or Paprika!





So, anyhoo- after I found everyone, I said:  Let's get back in the van and go home and eat ice cream.  ;-)

And everyone shouted:  Horray!

So, we went back to the van and I closed the doors and put the air-conditioning on high and turned the music up for the girls and I was like:  THIS is the peace and quiet I was seeking at the wilderness park!

All's Well That Ends Well, right?!

Have A Great Weekend! 

The End!

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You are one busy mama!

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