Saturday, July 6, 2013

Crazy Fun Hot Summer Weekend!


Happy Saturday!  A bunch of these photos are from Instagram - I hardly ever get on the computer anymore to download my "real photos" from the camera (although I still take a lot!)  I'm Erika_Urthmama on Instagram if you want to follow me!  :-)

The above picture is right after Ginger woke up. She loves when we take pictures just the two of us.  :-)

And then she put on this dress and really wanted her picture taken.

Happy Saturday! :-)

This dress is 100% Ginger.  I saw it on Ebay and had to buy it for her.  She opened the package and started jumping up and down, so excited.  She is such a girly girl sometimes (although she still will not brush her hair or let me put it in bows or anything like that! Ha!)


This is what Daisy looked like on Friday.  OH - AND BY THE WAY (!!!!) - Paprika started a blog!  (That's where I found this picture of Daisy!)  Her blog address is:

Paprika has been BEGGING me to let her start a blog for about eight months - ever since she started reading this blog by young author Eva Ridenhour.

Paprika really looks up to Eva because Paprika also wants to be an author - so anyway, I figured it would be okay to let her have her blog as long as there were MAJOR parental controls in place.  It also gave us a forum to talk about internet safety, what to share and not to share online, etc.  Really good teaching moments.

I hope that blogging will be a fun way for her to learn more about storytelling, grammar, writing, photos, and even be a place she can put up her own movies/videos.  Fun stuff!

Anyhoo - go visit Paprika's blog and encourage her, please!

So, as I was saying, this was Daisy on Friday:


And then we took Daisy to the groomer this morning, and this is her now!  I am not a huge fan of the short look (she kinda looks like a skinned cat to me) - but it's just fur and it's summer, and she'll be happier without her ten pounds of fur!  ;-)

I can't believe we paid someone to do this to our dog.

We went swimming over at Paula's house today!  All the girls had a great time.  Baby Violet even got off the steps and swam out to the middle (supervised and with her floaties, of course!)

Ginger had a great time - which made me let out a sigh of relief to know that she was not scarred permanently by swim lessons...


Paprika said several times:  Ahhhh, I may never leave! 



Sister Love:


The End!


Unknown said...

Hi Erika -

I love your idea about letting Paprika start a blog. I am an education technology educator and use blogs often for learning. I left Paprika a comment. I have read your blog for several years but have never commented. I live in Southern California as well and my three granddaughters live very near by - they are similarly aged to your girls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika! I'm Eva's mom, and am so happy that her blog inspired Paprika! We're going over to her site right now to check it out and give her some love. :) -Gwyn