Thursday, July 18, 2013



Baby Violet is now 20 months! She is so full of joy and life. Every moment she is awake, she runs through the house, climbs everything she can, and if you try to stop her, she belts out the loudest and most mischievous belly laugh.
I spend a great deal of my time keeping her safe and out of trouble. I would say that's my number one occupation these days! ;-)

For example, Paprika likes to go up on the top bunk of her bunk bed to read books in private. I removed the ladder to the bunk bed long ago, because I didn't want it to be an issue with Violet climbing up to the top bunk.  The big girls climb up the side of the bunk bed - it's not an easy climb but they are big enough to do it. 

Well, in the past few weeks, Violet has learned how to scale the side of the bunk bed and climb to the top without the ladder. At first, I thought it was Paprika playing a joke (and helping her sister up) - but nope! I even took a video of it because it is actually downright shocking - Violet can scale the bunk bed in two seconds flat.

So, I have taken to locking Ginger and Paprika's bedroom door during the day so that Violet can't go near the bunk bed. It's a bummer for Ginger and Paprika, though - because they both love being able to retreat to their room for quiet times throughout the day, and they especially love to read books in the bunk bed. BUT - I am not taking that risk.

When Paprika and Ginger get dressed in the morning, I literally have to restrain Violet from being in their bedroom because she dashes straight for the bunk bed while I am busy helping the big girls.  The other day I watched Violet climb it (in a loop) - she went up and down about a thousand times (with me standing there spotting her).  She never got tired - I was tired watching her!

In other news, my neighbors might think I am a crazy person because this is what my front porch looks like on a daily basis:

Moved all the dining chairs to the front with a toddler! ;-)

I got so frustrated pulling Violet off every chair all day long, I stuck all the chairs on the front porch. She stands on them and will actually climb to the top of a chair and use it to get up on the countertops, the dining table, and other places she should not be.

And of course- she loves to stand at the sink and RUN the water! I was letting her stand at the sink with the faucet at a dribble, but as soon as I would walk away, she would turn it on FULL blast - and well, that's just not gonna work for us (hello water bill!)

Word-wise, she is learning lots of new words every day.  She understands everything - everything!  But, she's not talking like her big sisters...yet!  Sometimes I wish she were more verbal because I sense she is frustrated with communicating.  She's a little past the "sign language" stage - because she can say lots of single words.  I can just tell that she has BIG ideas she wants to express and it's frustrating for her that she can't. 

I took it for granted that at this age, Paprika could recite the entire alphabet, belt out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and have a conversation like a five year old.  Ginger was a lot like Paprika verbally.  But, Violet is much more physical and less verbose.  I have a feeling she'll start talking one day and never stop.  We shall see!  ;-)


I take a photo of Violet every day during her naptime.  I think I am going to put them into a book - one picture for each day - to have for once she stops napping.  They are just cellphone pictures in the dark, but I love them.  I never get tired of watching her sleep.


I always sit right next to her (or hold her) when she sleeps.  Her naptime is our "quiet time" in the house - so the big girls sit in the next room and either read books (or write books!) or draw or play an educational game on the computer (Starfall or something like that). 

It is sacred time!  Can you see why?  :-)  It's the only time during the day when I get to sit down and exhale for a moment.  Sometimes I'll just sit for five minutes and watch her breathe when she's sleeping.  By now, I know how fast these days go...


After nap, we go to the park or play in the backyard, or read books. Or Ginger and Violet play together while I work on homeschool stuff with Paprika.

But, at about 8pm, we all clean up the house before Mr. M comes home from work. Whatever we're doing, we all stop - and help each other pick up the whole house so it's clean when he gets home. This has become much easier since I decluttered the house and put almost everything in the garage or donated it to charity!

Anyhoo- after we've picked up the house, Violet knows that means her daddy is almost home! So, she runs to the front window and presses her nose to the glass and will wait as long as it takes until he gets home. She loves her daddy so much!


That's 20 months! I can't believe how much I love this girl - every single time I think my heart can't hold any more love, it bursts open and holds a little more. She is just perfection to sweet Pavenzia!  :-)

The End!


Laura said...

What a magical time for you and the girls. This blog will be such wonderful reminder of the sweet and special times they had while growing up.

Mimi said...

Aw she's fab! I love how full of energy she is (obviously I'm not running after her!!).
You're lucky that she still naps, mine all gave up napping at 16 months! Nothing I tried would get them to change their minds!