Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Miracles!


Thanks for all the sweet comments about homeschooling!  I have to admit, I've been really nervous about announcing it.  I guess deep down I am still a bit of a people-pleaser and was worried about judgment.  But, of course, people judge everything anyway so you might as well do as you please!  ;-)

I was talking to Devon about it, and she was so happy - she said:  Finally!  You're doing it!  (Because I've only been talking her ear off about it for the last five years - haha).

Anyhoo- I am not sure how much I will blog about homeschooling.  I might put up some reviews of things we have tried.  We have tried many things - some have worked great for us, and some not so much.  Some have worked for a short while, some never worked, and some are still working!

So, maybe my experience will save someone else a little time and frustration.  Haha! 


These pics are just from the park today.  We had planned to go to the Wilderness Park, but on the way we stopped at the Seahorse Park (what the girls call this park) - and we stayed for hours!  They got so sandy and wet, and had a fantastic time!

Paprika set up an experiment about evaporation.  Of course she did!  Haha.

Ginger made a city out of sandcastles.

Violet climbed every single thing in the park, got drenched in water, and wore herself out.  :-)


Speaking of water, Violet is going through a water phase and ALL she wants to do is stand at the sink and drench everything.  She puts the water on full-blast and all I can think is:  stop wasting water!!!!

This is her "Busted" face - I walked downstairs for a split second and came back to find her just like this!  Even when she's causing trouble, she makes me laugh:

Caught in the act...mischief, as usual!

And in happy news - Paprika is trying new foods!  Can I get an AMEN?!  Last night she had pasta with olive oil and buttered corn on the cob.  She had like two bites - but wow, can you believe it...two whole bites?!!!  I was cheering!  :-)

Minor miracle...someone ate pasta and corn on the cob! Parents of extreme picky eaters, take heart! :-)

The End!


Not Just A Blonde said...

I'm happy that you are following your heart and your mind in this homeschooling thing! Every parent needs to feel free and supported to parent to the individual needs & personalities of the child as well as what works for each family!
Also, I love the park pics! I would want to stay there for hours as well! :)

Home Is Where They Send Us said...

I am super excited that you are homeschooling...and now that you are out its so much easier;) I love the busted look :)

Lost in Space said...

If I didn't hide my step stool, C would try to do the same as Violet. ;) Way to go, Paprika!!

Allison said...

That's exciting that you've made the decision to home school! I'd love to if I could... the idea of my 4 year old son starting real school (vs. daycare) has put a nervous pit in my stomach..

And good for Paprika for trying something new! Out of curiosity, what foods will she eat/are her favorite?