Monday, November 14, 2011

Von Trapps or Summer Camp?


My dad and Nancy are leaving tomorrow morning. My dad has been here since November 1st, and Nancy arrived on November 9th (the baby's birthday!)

I have hardly taken any pictures of them with the girls. Mostly because they have been out and about so much, I haven't had the chance!

This morning I sat them down (while the baby was sleeping) and said, "I have got to get a photo!" So they obliged. But Ginger would not and I mean would not have her picture taken. I even bribed her with chocolate. But nope. So, this is the best we could do! Haha! That's real life for ya.


These girls have been soooo spoiled having my dad and Nancy here. Just thinking about everything they do in a day wears me out. Here is a typical day:

Wake up
Take the girls, walk to Trader Joe's (about 1 mile away)
Walk to the park
Feed the ducks
Go the beach
Go out for ice cream
Go to the Aquarium
Go to Target, play in the toy aisle
Put on a circus show at home

Not to mention, they've been walking Paprika to and from school and taking her to swimming (with Ginger tagging along, of course)! Just when I think they can't do more in a day, they are off on another adventure.


I feel like Paprika and Ginger are living The Sound of Music with their own personal Maria, or maybe it's been more like summer camp. Any way you slice it, the girls are having the time of their lives!

I still have to get a picture of my dad and Nancy with the baby before they leave. I would say that I want to get a picture of them with all three girls, but I think that might be aiming too high! Ha!



Sheila said...

Erika, I am so glad you commented on a picture with all 3 girls. I have to tell you that years from now the bottom 2 are going to ask you "Why don't you have any pictures of just me?" So please do get shots of them by themselves with the grandparents. It's gonna mean the world to them later!!!
Love the photos. You are a perfect mix of both of your parents. I absolutely adore the grumpy face on Ginger :(

I need a nap said...

Oh my goodness, they say that little girls look for 'their dad' in their future spouses...and you found him! They even have matching ponytails! Love it!