Monday, November 21, 2011



I don't think I could ever take enough pictures. Especially of this girl. Especially when she is sleeping. ;-)

Tomorrow is the season finale of DWTS. Will you be watching? I will! :-) I am so excited to have Mr. M at home for awhile. Looking forward to the holidays this year and celebrating together as a family.

I know what I am most thankful for this year! So thankful to have this little girl home with us. It is a dream come true.

I think I am over my "two weeks of crying" almost. I have been pregnant enough now to know all my "stages" of postpartum. First, there are the problems with nursing (that lasts about one week, usually). I think I can't do it, then cry about how I am failing, then eventually get the hang of it after lots of tears, drama, and self-loathing passes.

Then there's the incessant crying and "baby blues" phase - although maybe not really baby blues because I cry over everything those first few weeks after I have a baby, even how incredibly happy I am and how I don't feel at all deserving to have such a beautiful child in my life. (Now maybe I can see why Mr. M went back to work two days after the baby was born! Ha!)

And, of course, the lingering physical stuff. Ann (mother of three boys) says that pregnancy for her is one big fraternity party in her body, and when it's over...well, you know what the aftermath of a frat party looks like. So, she says that I've had a big sorority party and I'm left to clean up! Haha! After carrying five babies (6 if you count the baby I miscarried)- I can say that she's right. But I am slowly starting to feel more physically like myself.

But...there's one last thing I am not doing this time around. I am not stepping on a scale until my 6 week postpartum visit. It's just too cruel and won't change anything. Seriously. I just did throw out the rest of the Halloween candy yesterday. I broke up with Reese's Pieces, and oh, do I miss them!!!

We're not doing a traditional Thanksgiving this year...just hanging out as a family. For one, our stove is broken (I haven't been in a hurry to fix that, in case you are wondering! Ha!) Also, two week old baby equals best excuse ever to have a lazy Thanksgiving! And third, Paprika cannot stand Thanksgiving. At all. She doesn't like the smells or the food, and the whole reason we would do a Thanksgiving dinner would be for the kids and their memories. So, if Paprika and Ginger would be happier without it this year (not saying every year, but this year is special), then who am I to stand in the way of their happiness?

So, there ya go. I told Paprika we could have cheeseburgers for Thanksgiving this year (maybe Turkey burgers) and she was soooo happy about that. Ginger is happy about it, too. So, even if we end up eating cheeseburgers and fries this year for Thanksgiving, we'll be together- which makes it the best Thanksgiving of all. A new tradition is born, perhaps? Most importantly, we'll all get the chance to tell one another what we're thankful for. I have a long list this year...

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Sheila said...

I've grown accustom to her face...

Such a sweet,serene face.

We went to Cracker Barrel last year with a 8 month old. It rocked! We'll be back there this year with a 3 yr old, 20 month old and 8 month old. You eat whatever they will eat, leave the mess and go home and play or nap. Okay, the women have to wait for the kids to nap before we can nap. But other than that, it rocks dining out and leaving the mess there.