Wednesday, November 23, 2011



I don't think anyone was excited as me for last night's season finale of DWTS. I have to admit, I was sooooo sad when Mr. M went back to work a mere 48 hours after the baby was born. It was so great having my dad and Nancy here that first week, and Grandma Pat this last week. I think if they hadn't been here, I would have literally lost my mind!

But, there is something so great about having Mr. M home now. He has promised me to take this whole month of December off work, and I am holding him to it! ;-) I am so excited for him to get to spend some time with Pavenzia, especially.


We usually go to the finale and wrap party of DWTS, but last night we just stayed home and ordered pizza. I was not going to leave my 13 day old baby at home...just not my style! (Not judging others who do). It was a low-key evening and just what I needed.


Today we had big plans to go to the Botanical Gardens, but when we thought about the holiday traffic, we decided to stay closer to home! Paprika has swimming today, and we are also doing errands like picking up dog treats and food, and maybe giving Daisy (the dog) a bath. Exciting, right?! Haha!

Mostly, I am just thankful to have Mr. M home, and I know the girls are, too. Pavenzia is doing great - so sweet, and getting to be a bit of a chunk-a-lunk (which is a good thing). She really only wants to be held by me (and will scream if anyone else holds her) that is my numero uno job lately. Can't say that I mind one bit! :-) Happy Thanksgiving!


Mimi said...

She is absolutely adorable, you've got some fab photos here, lots to be thankful for.
Hope you enjoy the weekend; sometimes quiet time at home is lovelier that going out...or maybe I sound old!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

That's Interesting said...

What a beautiful baby! Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful!