Friday, November 18, 2011



I have been having so much fun loving on this sweet baby. I am soaking up all her newborn-ness, because as I have learned, it really does go by so very quickly.

She is starting to "wake up" to the world and become more alert. Here she is at 5 days old (on Monday). I can't believe how much she changes day to day.


My dad and Nancy left on Tuesday morning. That was really hard on all of us. It was just really so wonderful having them here. I told them they could move in! (And I meant it!)


We made some good memories, though, and I am grateful for the time we did have.


And for the few pictures of them I managed to take! Ha! ;-)


Grandma Pat (Mr. M's mom) is here now, and she is also a tremedous help and a blessing. I am still pretty much house-bound with my hip problem and some other postpartum stuff. I seriously feel about 96 years old...but every day I feel a little stronger. I am enjoying just having time to relax and enjoy the baby, and so that's the bright side of it. Slowing down is allowing me to stop and enjoy these very precious moments.

The girls are being GREAT big sisters! It's so wonderful to watch them in action. Paprika loves making cards and drawings for Pavenzia. Here is one she did yesterday:


And Ginger is just smitten with her baby sister, too...especially her "piggy toes" which she always wants to kiss.


I think Ginger's face pretty much says it all in this picture. :-) Happy weekend!



With Out My Punkin said...

Congrats! I haven't been on in over a year I guess! lol! Your newest is adorable and the girls are getting so big!

Sheila said...

Peek a boo, so happy to see her little peepers open.

Adorable photos. It seems like yesterday when Ginger was laying on the lambie.

Keep the photos coming. I love seeing the changes. Ginger is so right, how can you possibly resist baby piggy toes?

That's Interesting said...

She is absolutely precious, Erika! The first picture is just beautiful.