Friday, November 4, 2011

Pavenzia Update!


I had my routine OB appointment yesterday - 38 weeks 3 days, to be exact. Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and I thought it would be so great if the baby shared her birthday with her Grammy, but nope!

Right now we are in the waiting phase. I have never had so many false labor alarms ever. Every day I am contracting like crazy all the time (mostly in the evenings and at night), but according to Dr. K, nothing is happening!

Dr. K did an ultrasound of the baby, and she is looking great. Pavenzia's biophysical score on the ultrasound was 8 out of 8. She is estimated to be 8 pounds 4 oz. Her head circumference is above the 95%, measuring at about 42 weeks gestation! Can we say ouch! ;-) She also has a big round tummy, which was cute to see. So far, no real dilation (1-2cm), no effacement...nothing. She is still really high up and appears content to just gestate for the forseeable future. So, I am learning patience. :-) I really can't wait to meet her, though!

One thing that has been wonderful has been all the help we've had with the girls this past week. Grandma Pat came last Thursday and stayed until Wednesday morning. The girls had such a great time with Grandma Pat, and I was soooo grateful to have time to rest and have lots of help with Ginger, especially (she is so physical, she wears me out!)

Grandma Pat with Paprika:


My dad arrived on Tuesday night, and he has been a huge help this week. My dad has really been entertaining Ginger, taking her to feed the ducks every day, strolling her around town, and in general just being a doting grandpa. Ginger is eating up all this one on one attention from her grandparents!

Grandma Pat with Ginger (my paparazzi photo from across the yard!):


With all the extra help, I have been able to focus a bit on Paprika. Yesterday, Mr. M and I both volunteered at Paprika's school for a class art project. I have been able to take Paprika to swimming lessons while Ginger stays home and takes a nap (which incidentally has resulted in a much happier Ginger...go figure!)

Tonight I took Paprika to a classmate's birthday party, this morning I had a parent conference at her school...just little things that I wouldn't be able to do at this point without someone here to help me.

Overall, I am feeling fairly miserable most days...the worst are the mornings, for sure! I am one big creaky mess in the A.M. One thing is certain, no one is pregnant forever, so the end is in sight. I am so excited, nervous, and everything is seeming surreal at the moment. I know it's all going to fly by, so I am enjoying each moment fully because when she's here, I know it's going to seem like this pregnancy was just a blink! :-)


Sarah said...

You look amazing! Enjoy your last few weeks! =)

Mimi said...

Oh, best of luck with EVERYTHING!
So glad you made it this far, Pavenzia is a little miracle!

Allison said...

My due date is right with yours.. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. I'm also in the waiting phase too with TONS of contractions but also nothing going on. I have my weekly appointment tomorrow so we'll see! Everyday I wake up wondering, "will today be the day?!" I'm such a planner so the unknown is killing me!! So nervous, anxious & excited as well! Good luck to you!!!

FourJedis said...

I can't wait to meet this baby. I feel like these last few months have been dragging. :-P Glad you have had such great support these past few weeks.