Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Artful Sunday!


Paprika was off school all last week, and all she wanted to do on her vacation was go to an Art Museum. By Sunday, we were feeling up to it, so we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu.

Well, actually I wasn't feeling so up for it after our hike on Saturday. But, we had already told Paprika about it, and she was so excited that she only slept for 4 hours on Saturday night. Paprika came into our bedroom at 5am on Sunday morning (after not falling asleep until 1am) - and said, "Is it time for the Art Museum to open yet?"

So, I knew that there was just no way I could cancel. So, I rallied and we all went to the Art Museum on Sunday. I am so glad we did!


Paprika has been to a bunch of art museums in her five years of life...but we hadn't been to this one...the Getty Villa...since almost two years ago, so it was high time. ;-) Here is a link, if you want to remember with me way back when:

Getty Villa 2009

At two weeks old, this was Pavenzia's first trip to an art museum of any kind...and she slept through the whole thing!


The girls loved the galleries, but most of all they loved being outside...


And running through the gardens!


Paprika got really scared by the mummy exhibit they have at the museum. She made me promise to never take her to see a mummy exhibit again. Noted!


The big hit of the day was the children's room. The girls got to draw on pottery with dry erase markers.


Paprika especially loved the shadow exhibit, where kids could make art out of their own shadows. Ginger was terrified of it, but Paprika told her that maybe when she's five years old, she'll like it better. We shall see!


Here are some pictures of Paprika's shadows that she made:






All in all, it was an awesome trip to the museum. I'm so glad all three girls had a wonderful time, even if Pavenzia slept through almost all of it! :-) Until next time...


Sheila said...

Fun way to spend the day. The photos are wonderful. You look great! Ya'll have created such a sweet family with the most adorable daughters. So happy for you.

Amy in NC said...

I went to the Getty Villa for the first time last Thanksgiving and I absolutely loved it! I also make sure I get to the Getty Museum every time I am in LA. Too bad I don't like LA enough to live closer!