Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Creaky House!


Okay, so this is probably (most likely) the last Halloween post of the year! I just had to show off the little Halloween Gingerbread House that Paprika and Grandma Pat made this year.

One of my favorite traditions with the girls is making these gingerbread houses. The past few years, we have done Halloween and (multiple) Christmas gingerbread houses. For Christmas, we usually do at least one kit and then do one from scratch (well, not really from scratch...just graham crackers and our own candy!)

For this year's Halloween Gingerbread House, I let Grandma Pat and Paprika do most of the heavy lifting! Ha! :-) I helped a little with the construction, but the decoration was all done by Paprika (supervised by Grandma Pat). Ginger later added (and subtracted) some of the embellishments...which made it that much cuter!

I have to say, it was so worth the $10 at Target for this little kit. Now, I am just going to have to see if they make a Thanksgiving Gingerbread House! I don't think we can wait until Christmas! Ha!