Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brown-Eyed Girls!


The girls are loving their baby sister, and want nothing more than to play mommy to her. They have been great about showering her with their toys, presents, and lots of love.


Every day they ask me questions like:

When will she be big enough to play with us?

When will she be big enough to go to school?

When will she eat at the table?

Where are her teeth?

When will she talk?


I think they were expecting her to pop out three years old, and the fact that she's so teeny tiny is a little bit of a shock, especially to Paprika. But they are getting used to it!


Ginger has been sick, so I have been doing my best to keep her separate from the baby. Easier said than done, right?! Especially when she wants so badly to love on her baby sister, kiss her, hug her, and play with her! So, we've been doing our best...that's the best we can do, right?


As I said, it is hard to keep these girls from their baby sister. I forsee many years of this little one being smothered in kisses. :-) She doesn't know how good she's got it! Ha!



Sheila said...

It's good she can sleep with all the hub bub around her. I think she'll be joining in the fun as soon as she's able.
How cute to see your little jaybird and her Mama birds at play.

What is baby love's blog name by the way?

My precious cargo should be here by early afternoon. Can't wait to gobble, gobble them!

Lauren said...

Those pictures of your beautiful brown eyed girls are just precious!

That's Interesting said...

What beautiful babies! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Erika!!