Monday, November 28, 2011



I know I said we were "skipping" Thanksgiving this year...but you can't really skip Thanksgiving when you're feeling thankful, so instead I guess I should have said that we had a quiet time at home and celebrated in our own quirky way.

On Saturday and Sunday, we had big adventures (blog post to follow), but on Thursday and Friday, we stayed home and just enjoyed each other's company. We spent a lot of time in our jammies, and only half-bothered to brush our hair. Relaxation to the max! ;-)

Paprika spent time holding her new baby sister. Love!


Pavenzia napped and then napped some more. ;-)


Mr. M bonded with the newest princess...


The big girls painted a bunch...


And played Legos with daddy. These are Mr. M's legos from when he was a kid. He had thousands of Legos, and so now the girls have inherited them. How cool is that?


For Thanksgiving dinner, we had turkey burgers, fresh green beans, stuffing, and then pumpkin pie for dessert (store-bought). Our oven wasn't working, so everything had to be cooked on the stove-top. It was a no-fuss meal that took about 15 minutes to make, and was delicious (Mr. M cooked, thank goodness)! The two littlest girls were napping while we ate. Paprika painted her masterpieces at the table while we had dinner. Mr. M and I had a chance to actually have a conversation over our Thanksgiving meal. I have to say, it was pretty perfect (for us!)


On Friday night, we had a bonfire in the backyard. Don't think for a second that Paprika actually ate those marshallows! But she had fun roasting them! Ha!


Even Daisy had fun. Isn't she getting so big?!!!


We discovered that while Paprika loves campfires, Ginger does not! She hid out in the tent while the fire was roaring. A few minutes later she came inside with me and we got out the boardgames. :-)


So, that was the start of our Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't step foot inside a store the whole weekend. I joked that I should have run to Target at midnight on Black Friday for something silly like toilet paper and asked everyone what the heck they were doing out at that hour. I didn't buy anything because it turns out we have everything we need right here. :-) I am getting excited for Christmas this year. I know it will be magical because we are all together. I am ready to deck the halls...soon!

The End.


Elizabeth said...

Every single picture made me smile...even gigantic Daisy!!!! You are so so beautiful. What a wonderful family. <3 Love you guys!!

Lauren said...

SO Much to be thankful for! :)