Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Do I Buy Crafts?


I have started to wonder why I buy things to make crafts at home when Paprika can make anything (and everything) into her own art project.

Like this time. We were out picking oranges and she found one with a bump on it. She ran to me and said, "Mama! Look at this special orange. He has a nose!"

Then she ran inside and started to draw on him.


You would have thought that this was a planned craft, but nope...just one she came up with on her own.


Next thing I knew we had a whole village of "orange people" in our house. Her favorite, of course, remained this Mr. Nose.


She said, "Mama, this is my special orange doll. I will keep him forever."

Next thing you know, Mr. Mustard came in and suggested we make orange juice from the little village she had going. That idea was shot down right quick.


Paprika moved the orange people to the refrigerator, where they are now taking up residence next to the breads and soups.

I thought all of this was pretty cute and creative...and just goes to show you that you don't need anything fancy to be creative. We had fun with an orange and a Sharpie...doesn't get any simpler than that!


ferfischer said...

I love it. My boy isn't as crafty, but I always feel I waste money on crafts when he does fine on his own - creating all sorts of elaborate things. It's the best to watch!

Lauren said...

very creative! nice job Paprika!