Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What A Difference A Week Makes!


This time last week we were going bonkers indoors while the rain pounded away on our roof. Now the sun is out, and are we ever grateful for it!


We are soaking it up. Yesterday we spent the whole day at the park with Paprika and Ginger's friends. Okay, so technically Ginger's friend is the little brother of Paprika's friend, but whatever works!


In the evenings, we've been doing lots of crafts. These are the Paper Plate Bugs we did the other night. I think they turned out pretty great. They're from a kit my mom got for the girls for Christmas - the link is here if you're interested. We still have one more bug to do. Maybe tonight! Ha! :-)


Yesterday we brought a bead stringing kit to the park with us. The big girls made lonnnnnng necklaces and had so much fun doing it. I am loving this 4 year old stage so much. It's so fun to do crafts and projects together. Paprika made five necklaces yesterday and has been giving them to people as presents. So cute!


Ginger was running all around the park yeseterday. At 18 months old, she now thinks she is a big girl. I know I still need to write a post for her 18 month milestones. She is changing so much, and becoming such a big girl. She really is a true playmate now with Paprika, and that is pretty awesome.


But she is still little enough to be my baby. Like when she lets me push her in the bucket swings.


Or carry her upside down baby style.


And this was the scene at our house today. We are definitely getting our mileage out of this present already. Life is good.


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