Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!


I just checked the weather report, and my suspicions were true. We are getting a lot of rain. Weather report says we've gotten 26 inches of rain in the past week. We average about 12 inches of rain here per year usually.

Needless to say, it has been wet.

All the potted plants I forgot to take inside have taken a beating. I really do have a black thumb, don't I?! Ha!


So, this morning when the clouds parted for a few moments, I had to take advantage of it pronto.


Paprika was still sleeping. We've been putting her to bed at a normal hour (around 9pm), but she lays in bed until at least 1am before she falls asleep. She says she's afraid of the dark, so she always turns her light on, and then I find her reading books, making telescopes out of paper, making up stories, just stuff like that. Then she wants to sleep until noon. She's been this way since the day she was born, so I don't think there's any changing her (despite my many attempts at waking her up earlier, etc.) It's just how she was made, and it's something I understand quite well, actually. ;-)

But Ginger, of course, gets up at a reasonable she got to take advantage of the brief window of sunshine today.


Ginger was soooo excited to go outside and play. She was running full-tilt, climbing, laughing, and having so much fun on the swings.

I felt bad that Paprika was felt a little like that short story, All Sunshine In A Day, by Ray Bradbury. You know, the one where the little girl lives on Venus and the sun only comes out once every seven years...and her classmates lock her in the closet the day the sun comes out?

It's a good thing Paprika will have more chances to see the sun. ;-) And so far she doesn't seem to perturbed by not seeing the sunshine. I guess she has had enough of it in her life not to miss it too much yet.


Ginger really loves getting her one on one time with me. She was having a ball playing in the soggy grass.


And then, just like that, it started raining again and we made a mad dash indoors! Here's hoping it dries out by Christmas...but I'm not holding my breath!


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Lauren said...

Wow, I can't believe all the rain you've been getting! That's unheard of in LA. Glad you got some nice one-on-one time with sweet Ginger.