Thursday, December 9, 2010

A New Era!


Well, it's the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, too. Paprika is DONE with ballet. She does not want to go anymore...she has told me that the only dancing she wants to do is at home with her sister.

I have got to respect that, a girl who knows her mind.

Now the tricky thing is that ballet was paid for two months in advance, so we have about eight classes that we have already paid for that will go unused. Sooooo, I called the school and they have agreed to let Paprika use her credits to take piano lessons for eight weeks instead.

She had her first piano class last week (it's a class of four 4-year olds). It was super cute! Of course, Ginger had to also practice after she saw Paprika playing piano. LOL!


The girls have been cracking me up with their creativity lately. One of Paprika's newest fun things to do is play spiderweb (a game she made up). She takes yarn and strings it all over the house in a huge web and then they get caught in it.


She is quite the master spiderweb builder!


All things are still all about Christmas in our house. Lots of cuddly evenings by the tree after it gets dark (you know, at 5 o'clock)!


I had these dresses made especially for the Paprika and Ginger by Pish Posh Girls, who has a shop on Etsy. Even though I usually buy all the girls' clothes pre-owned (that's a fancy term for used) on Ebay, I just had to splurge a little. Because it's Christmas. And the dresses were so darn cute. I am really happy with how they turned out and hope to take some pictures of the girls together in them during daylight hours. We had just gotten them in the mail, and the girls couldn't wait to wear them, so I let them! I have a feeling these dresses will be seeing a lot of action this Christmas! :-)



Southern Gal said...

Beautiful dresses. Most younger children grow tired of ballet after a while. My daughter started at 13 and LOVED it. Maybe when she's older, Paprika will want to try again...or maybe not! Have fun with piano!

Lauren said...

Your girls are so imaginative! I love how they play with each other and make up games. Their Christmas dresses are so cute!

The Carrels said...

I'm all for 'used' clothes! Those dresses are soooooooooooo cute!