Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ramming Speed!


We are in the middle of re-doing our two bathrooms, DIY-style, on a buget-style! We are almost done with the first bathroom...and not even close to being done with the second.

The second bathroom was coated in layers of nasty wallpaper that someone had to take down. Well...guess who that someone was?! Me!

Mr. Mustard and I have been taking turns doing stuff to the bathrooms- one of us watches the girls while the other works. (And he has done a lot of work,'s definitely been a joint collaboration!)

Last weekend and Monday I worked on scraping that wallpaper off, and was messy and hard, and something I really don't ever want to repeat!

Half-way through the day on Monday, I was done! Both literally and figuratively! So, we celebrated by hopping in the car and taking the girls to Disneyland!

Paprika has become quite the shutterbug all of a sudden. She wants to take pictures of anything and everything. Wonder where she got that from?

At Disneyland, she started taking pictures of all kinds of people- little kids, grown-ups, workers on the rides. I am sure they were thinking, "Who is this kid and why is she taking my picture?!"


We knew Disneyland was closing early for a holiday party, so we decided to go there first and then go to California Adventure (the other Disney park right next door), since it was staying open late. Well, we should have skipped Disneyland altogether because it was crazy busy. We got there as the parade was starting, and then after that the fireworks...and let's just say, the humanity was overwhelming.

The girls were in the stroller, and I had to say to Mr. Mustard: "Babe, you have to push the stroller...otherwise I am going to start ramming people."


But even with the crowds, we did get to ride some rides and all was not lost. How can you be in a bad mood on the Carousel?

Then we headed over to California Adventure and had a great time (almost no crowds there)! I later found out that Devon was in the park at the same exact time, about two rides ahead of us...but my phone was not sending me her texts!!!! Gahhh! Weird, huh? (and a reminder, gosh, I need a new phone already!)

So, there ya have it! Bathroom is wallpaper free, and we have survived a very busy day at the Happiest Place on Earth! Success!



Devon said...

so sad we missed you!!! we'll hit the park in january!

Danielle said...

Elle loves to take pictures, too. I took her to the zoo the other day and she was so disappointed we weren't bringing a camera. I sent my old one to Joe, so we only have the big one now. I thought she about to cry because she couldn't take pictures of the animals.