Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Reason To Stay Up Late!


I had good reason to let the girls stay up late last night. Their daddy was coming home after a week away. Mr. Mustard was up in Santa Barbara editing a documentary he's been editing off-and-on for the last two years. The film actually premiered and was in theaters a year ago, but now they are doing all the DVD extras for the DVD release, so he spent a week up in Santa Barbara cutting them. I am so excited to see the finished product!

Anyhoo- I was here by myself holding down the homefront all last week. Well, not really by myself because I had these two chickens to care for!


I had this big idea that I would remodel the main bathroom by myself while Mr. Mustard was away. What was I thinking?! It turned into a diasaster!

I got halfway through tearing down the wallpaper, refinished the bathroom vanity and mirror, and then said enough is enough. I was stressing myself out, not to mention everyone at Paprika's school thought I was crazy because I showed up to pick her up from school covered in paint. And somehow the white paint especially gravitated to my hair and it is not coming out. Classy!


Of course, last week was the week everything was happening around here. Santa's visit. The two hour class meeting at Paprika's school. Getting the supplies for the Gingerbread Houses. And a million more things I'm forgetting at the moment! But, we made it to all of what we needed to do and then some. Success!

The girls missed their daddy a lot, and were elated when he walked through the door last night at 10pm. They hadn't seen him in a week, and they ran into his arms like they hadn't seen him in months! So, it's a happy day around here today. Paprika is at ballet school this morning (I got her back in), and I am relaxing at home with Ginger. It's amazing how easy taking care of one child seems to me now! Haha!

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Lauren said...

That's a great reason to stay up late. I'm sure they are so glad to have their Daddy home!!

Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom remodel!