Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day In Pictures!


Christmas morning. Tired parents. Excited kiddos bouncing off the walls!

We did about the same number of presents for Paprika and Ginger, but Ginger was not at all interested in opening presents. She got chocolate in her stocking, and after she got ahold of that, chocolate was all she wanted.

Then I got chocolate in my stocking, and then that was all she wanted. She was saying "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate"...and running around the house with it in both hands. I said to her, "you have to say Please." And she said please in the most clear voice I have ever heard her say anything. It was a hoot.


We let Paprika open her Anastasia doll from Santa first thing, since that was the only toy she had asked for this year. I think she was really surprised that there was more than one present under the tree...but seemed to adjust pretty well. ;-)


Unwrapping presents is pretty much an all-day affair in our house. The girls like to play with each gift for a long time before opening the next present.

Paprika would open a present, play with it in the living room or her bedroom. Meanwhile, we would have another cup of tea, call relatives far away, and play with Ginger and try to get her interested in opening her presents (most of which Paprika ended up opening!)

Ginger's favorite toy was her present Paprika gave her (when we took them shopping at Target the day before Christmas!) Paprika gave her a little animatronic cat that meows and purrs and's called a FurReal. Of course, I rolled my eyes a little when I saw it (we don't usually have any battery operated toys), but Paprika was so sure that she had to get it for her...and she was right! Ginger went crazy for it and hasn't stopped holding it since she opened it. It's her new pet (and thankfully one I don't have to take care of! ha!)

It took us about 5 hours to unwrap all the presents this year. That is a record for us. When Paprika was 2 years old, I think she took 12 hours to open her presents (we had lunch, dinner, and she had a nap in between! ha!)


We played outside quite a bit (no rain on Christmas- yay!) I set up the toddler swing for Ginger and she took to it like a duck to water. No more baby swing for her (sniff, sniff)!


Paprika had to wear her new purple sweater and ruby slippers on her trip to the swingset. ;-)


The girls were most excited by the gift we saved til the very end.


Needless to say, I think it was a hit!


We went over to our neighbor's house afterwards for wine and appetizers, and then came home and I made lamb, cous cous with raisins, and sweet mashed potatoes for dinner. I didn't take any pics, but it was good! After the girls went to bed, we watched Tropic Thunder (love that movie) and fell into bed soooo tired.

It was our first Christmas it's been just us, and I have to say that I loved every minute of it. I was sad we didn't make it to Indiana this year, but really happy just to have it so low-key and cozy.


Devon said...

such a fun day!

and that bouncer is AWESOME!!

Lauren said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Merry Christmas!!

Sheila said...

So sweet. That play castle looks like so much fun!

FourJedis said...

Perfect day! A late Merry Christmas to you guys. I am trying to catch up with all of my blog reading over the past few days but will have to dedicate a whole night to yours this week! <3

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful day for a beautiful family! <3

mum2abby said...

YAY! That bouncer is awesome! Our kids love our bouncer...I'm sure your kids will continue to love this for days and weeks on end!! Sounds like you guys had the perfect holiday! <3 the pictures were great!!

Anonymous said...

Erika, Just found your blog today! Great pictures, beautiful family. Nice to meet you :)