Friday, December 17, 2010

It's A Party!


Today was the Holiday Party at Paprika's preschool. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off a little because even though this month is technically Mr. Mustard's month off, it doesn't seem like it! He got called in to work on The Doctors earlier this week and then Skating With The Stars needed him for a few days, not to mention finishing up the documentary last week. I am really really proud of him. Being busy is good, especially in this industry! I'll take it!

Anyhoo, Paprika's school party was potluck, so I offered to bring my specialty: napkins, paper plates, cups, and juice boxes! I think people were grateful for all the hard work I put in to my contribution.

For part of the party, the kids went caroling around the school. They were positioned directly facing the sun most of the time, which meant pretty much all the kids (except for Paprika) were shielding their eyes while they were singing. What can I say? She is a tough girl! Ha!


Santa himself came to visit the class. Paprika is still sticking with the same thing she wants from Santa: an Anastasia dollie. That would be the Disney-licensed Barbie from 1997, you know 13 years ago. But thankfully, I scored one new in the box on Ebay, so Santa really will make her dreams come true this year!

I would give this Santa's performance a C+. I think he tried to make up for what he lacked in girth with volume, and he was a little overwhelming for the kids. Today Paprika said to me, I thought "Santa was only supposed to come when you are asleep, so why did he come to school today?" Plus, she knows that the North Pole is really far away, so she wonders why Santa has the time to just drop by because he was in the neighborhood. Next year I think I will be more selective with our Santa visit (if at all...bah humbug, right?)


Ginger really needed a nap, so halfway through the party I took her home to sleep for an hour. The moment I laid her down, she was out like a light.


We came home and enjoyed the leftover cupcakes from the party (we magnanimously agreed to take them home with us).


I think Ginger enjoyed them best of all!


Then we played Alice In Wonderland!

Paprika has only seen the original Disney movie once, about 5 months ago when we rented it. Yet tonight she was quoting whole sections of the movies and singing the songs by heart. She amazes me with her mind and her memory! Truly!

She even found a white rabbit to bring to the table for the Mad Hatter's Tea.


Of course, Paprika had to include her BFF, Ginger!


These two can have a lot of fun together!


That looks says, "Here Comes Trouble!" Ha!


Then they went to Paprika's room and Paprika started reading Ginger the Alice In Wonderland story from a Treasury Book we have. Paprika is able to read some words and she is super interested in spelling things out. If you read a book to her once, she will know if you ever try to change the book, or paraphrase later.


This has kinda become a problem because there are some books I paraphrase (because I don't like how they are written or the themes seem to mature, aka Little Red Riding Hood). Because I make the story up as I go, I have totally backed myself into a corner. She can also tell if I skip a sentence or if the words really aren't matching what is being read. She's holding me accountable!


So, they had fun in the bed reading and hanging out.


Then it was time for bed. Whew! Ginger went to bed first, and then it was Paprika's turn.


And, of course, silliness ensued!


Happy Weekend! Hope it's a great one!


Kim said...

I always love looking at your pictures, but the Alice In Wonderland part of this post is one of my favorites-adorable! I love the tea party, the costumes, the book-too stinkin' precious:)

hRk said...

Anastasia was/is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid! I still love the mystery of her sad story & even did a term paper on her. Anyway, I had one of those Anastasia barbies & I LOVED her. I'm sure Paprika will get many good, happy hours of play out of her.