Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're Back, Baby!


We are back in Los Angeles. Our little month-long tour of the USA (well, not really...just Maine and Indiana) has come to a close. After six flights with our babies, I can say that I am ready not to fly again for a little while. Paprika, on the other hand was asking me just as soon the wheels touched down at LAX, "When can we go on another airplane, Mommy?" They really both were soooo good on all the flights...but even so, I am ready to have my feet on the ground for moment or two. ;-)

I feel like every day that we were gone we lived a lifetime. We didn't have computer or internet access in Indy (I know I said that before). It was actually pretty nice to be "un-plugged" for the last 11 days. But now I am playing catch-up...and that is fun, too! I've missed reading all my favorite blogs and of course, updating this one!

So back to that "every day we lived a lifetime." Seriously. We did. And while we were running around doing a gazillion things each day, I would think, "Man, I want to blog about this!" So I will. In time. Maybe. I need to catch my breath. And sort through a mountain (oh yes), a mountain of mail.

I just uploaded all the photos to our computer (everyone else is sleeping after a very. long. day, and here I am uploading photos). We took 1512 photos and a bunch of videos. Just looking through all that is gonna take a little while. ;-) We definitely got some fun photos this trip!


So, what did we do in Indiana? We spent a lot of time with family. Went to the Zoo on Ginger's birthday (for 6 hours in the heat!) Went swimming at the pool almost every day. Had a little birthday party for Ginger and Paprika (even though Paprika's b-day isn't til August, we wanted to celebrate with my side of the family). Had a playdate with Indy friends. Got Paprika's hair cut for the first time ever. Cruised around the lake at my mom's house. Took long walks in the evening. Caught lightning bugs just about every night (and let them go, of course!)

Just a lot of fun stuff like that.

Now I am back in LA and experiencing some pretty strong culture shock. Have there always been so many people in this town, or did they all move here when we were gone?! ;-)


FourJedis said...

Sounds like a perfect trip, despite hopping around. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories from it! I've missed your blogs!

Anonymous said...

It was sooooooo great seeing you! Welcome back to LA and blogging, I will admit that I have selfishly missed your blog quite a bit. Big Hugs!

ryansmom said...

Welcome home! I can't wait to hear and see more about your trip.

Amee said...

welcome back! i've missed your posts and can't wait to see pictures! :)